5 Dangerous Electrical Hazards You Need to Avoid

Electrical hazards can severely injure or even kill people. They can also cause property damage. 

Therefore, avoiding electrical hazards can help prevent an electrical accident from happening in your office, home, or factory.

With that in mind, here are 5 dangerous electrical hazards you need to avoid:

1. Wet Surfaces

Do not use electrical appliances and other equipment on wet surfaces. Water is a good conductor of electricity. That is why a wet surface increases the risk of electrocution. 

If there is spilled water near your electrical outlets, remove the water before using those outlets. If you are renovating your plumbing system, talk to a commercial electrician before starting the project. 

2. Incorrect Wiring and Defective Electrical Wires

It is vital to have good quality wiring. It can improve safety in your office or home. Poor wiring, on the other hand, can increase the chances of electrical accidents, such as arc faults, power surges, fires, etc. 

Do not, therefore, DIY electrical work. Hire a qualified electrician to inspect and repair your electrical wiring. Hire an electrician to check your wiring to ensure there are no defective electrical wires. 

It is best to upgrade or replace your old or defective wires. 

3. Extension Cords

Loose extension cords can cause tripping or fires. Damaged extension cords can also cause electrical accidents. Carefully fixing your extension cords in place can help you avoid electrical hazards. 

Do not connect several appliances to the same extension cord at once. If you do not use your extension cords properly, they can overheat and cause electrical fires. 

4. Faulty or Worn Equipment

It is extremely dangerous to use faulty or worn equipment. Do not, therefore, try to fix faulty or worn equipment if you are not properly qualified. 

Regularly check your equipment for abrasions or cracks on cords, wires, and cables. If there are defects, replace them or hire a qualified electrician to repair them. 

5. Insufficient Grounding

Insufficient grounding can increase the chances of electrical fires, shock hazards and electrical repair costs, and downtime. Sufficient ground reduces the risk of electrocution. 

It is crucial to hire a qualified electrician to inspect and check your electrical wiring to ensure it is properly grounded. 

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Are you safe from electrical hazards?

Do not take electrical safety for granted. Ensure your safety and ask qualified electricians to reduce and eliminate the electrical hazards in your area. 

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