5 Dangers of Old Electrical Wiring

Once you decide to purchase an old home, it is safe to undertake a pre-purchase electrical inspection. Purchase a home whose electrical system is worn out or faulty is not safe for you or your family. It is expensive to repair or replace a whole electrical system. 

It is, therefore, vital to do a pre-purchase electrical inspection Perth can trust before you purchase the home. Doing pre-purchase electrical inspection ensures you purchase a safe and electrically functional home. 

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What Are the Things to Watch Out For? 

  • Cracked, missing or cracked wire insulation that exposes the metal part of the wire. 
  • Exposed splices. Some people wrap the exposed splices with modern electrical tape. 
  • Discoloured outlets and switch plates. They are mostly warm when you touch them. 
  • The home was built over forty years ago. 
  • Dimming and flickering lights
  • Circuit breakers trip or fuses blow more frequently. 
  • A burning smell from the electrical device. 

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What Are the Dangers of Old Wiring? 

1. Overloaded Electrical Circuits

Old homes usually do not have enough electrical outlets. There are more electrical devices in homes due to the advancement of technology. These electrical devices consume too much power. Unfortunately, the wiring in most old homes cannot support all these electrical devices. So, they can overload the electrical circuits which can ultimately cause problems in your electrical devices, sometimes damage to an irreparable extent. 

2. Old or Poor Electrical Insulation

The insulation of the electrical wiring usually deteriorates over time. And they can even get damaged or worn out with age. That is why the wiring in most old homes have poor electrical insulation. Poor electrical insulation exposes the wire, which can cause shocks, sparks and even fires. If you have kids at home, this can be life-threatening for them. Hence, it is essential to spot it and get it fixed before you occupy the house. 

3. Lack of Electrical Grounding

Old wiring can damage your electrical appliances due to the lack of grounding. The purpose of grounding is to prevent electrical shocks when the power flows through the wrong path. It is, therefore, vital for every home to have electrical grounding.  

4. Abandoned Electrical Cables

A lot of people abandon electrical cables in their old homes. If you visit an old home, you are more likely to find exposed electrical cables, damaged old wires and loose taped wires. The abandoned electrical cables can cause electrical shocks, burns or even death. 

5. Poorly Modified Wiring

Many homeowners do DIY work on their homes. Therefore, most of these homeowners may temper with the electrical wiring of their old homes. If you visit an old building, you can find poorly modified wiring. Inexperienced people usually badly execute electrical connections. Poorly modified wiring can cause fire accidents. 

I’m planning to buy a house in Perth. How can Coastal Electrics help me?  

Once you find a home in Perth (be it old or new) and you want to purchase it, do not rush to purchase it. It is now time to do a pre-purchase electrical inspection. It is always a good option to hire pre-purchase experts to inspect the electrical wiring of the old home before you purchase the old home as they can figure out DIY wiring and other issues that may seem normal to an untrained person’s eyes.

If you are a house owner or property manager looking for a professional electrician in Perth, Western Australia to inspect the property and give you a report of faults in the property, then contact pre-purchase inspection experts at Coastal Electrics.