What Are The Differences Between Commercial And Industrial Electricians?

Industrial and commercial electricians are both immensely important in their particular areas of expertise. They require similar training and qualifications although they specialise in different areas. Whereas the speciality of industrial electricians primarily concerns the manufacturing industry, the skills of commercial electricians are more diverse in order to handle anything within the mainstream commercial workplace.

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians are called upon to ensure the efficiency and safety of electrical systems in large manufacturing and production facilities.  These highly skilled specialists are trained to install, repair, and maintain electrical and telecommunications systems for large industrial facilities. Their training allows them to work on complex equipment such as control systems, industrial motors, and fans. They are often called in to install and test new systems and equipment at the construction phase of an industrial project to ensure that the relevant electrical safety standards and regulations are met.

Services Provided by Industrial Electricians

  • To keep manufacturing and productions facilities running smoothly
  • Testing existing equipment to determine whether parts or components in a system need to be upgraded or replaced
  • Installation of components and electrical systems needed in manufacturing and production processes
  • Developing, maintaining, and repairing manufacturing and production equipment
  • Installation of fixtures, outlets, and other electrical equipment
  • Troubleshooting issues with existing electrical equipment
  • Qualified to handle high voltage electrical systems and vital components

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians are able to work in a wide variety of settings such as stores, restaurants, offices, and related commercial outlets. They are responsible for the installation, maintenance, repair, and security of a wide variety of commercially based electrical appliances. They are also able to plan, design, and provide blueprints of electrical systems according to the needs of the workplace. Their main purpose is to ensure that electrical systems and related components of commercial buildings are working securely and optimally. They keep a strict eye on the operations capabilities of appliances such as air conditioners, lighting, and heating in locations such as shopping malls, government facilities, and office buildings.

Services Provided by Commercial Electricians

  • Electrical system installation and wiring according to local, state, and national guidelines
  • Repair of appliances or installation of new ones
  • Creating innovative designs of electrical systems or working from existing technical layouts
  • Installation of equipment such as switchboards and security alarms
  • Conducting electronic-based tests within a commercial setting
  • Maintaining heating and cooling systems
  • Troubleshooting problems within the mainstream workplace
  • Installation of commercial lighting and energy-efficient systems
  • Testing and inspection of electrical equipment to meet Australian electrical standards

Whether you need a commercial or industrial electrician to handle your technical electricity needs, you can trust Coastal Electrics in Perth to provide you with the best solutions and advice for your particular requirements.