How to Choose a Good Electrical Contractor

Fixing the electrical system is a risky task that requires training, skill, and experience. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a competent electrical contractor for the job. When choosing an electrical contractor for your home or business, here’s a quick checklist to help you hire the right person or service.

Checklist on Choosing a Good Electrical Contractor

1. Hire Professional Electricians

Standard electrical installation or repairs include working on wiring, power points, transformers, fixing damaged fittings, and changing broken plugs, to name a few.

When you need any of these repairs done on your property, call a professional electrician. Unless you have professional experience or certified electrical engineering training, it’s best to leave electrical issues to the pros. Do not attempt to do a DIY electrical repair or rely on YouTube video tutorials. Better to be safe than sorry!

2. Check the Electrician’s Licences and Qualifications

Depending on which state and territory you’re located in, there are different electrician licences to check when hiring an electrician. The usual licences are an electrician’s licence (A) and a Registered Electrical Contractors (REC) licence.

The electrician’s licence certifies that an electrician has completed all the requisite training, apprenticeship, and on-site experience. Meanwhile, the REC licence tells you that an electrician is fit to do electrical work in a compliant, ethical, and fair manner.

When they complete a project, electricians must issue a Certificate of Electrical Compliance, indicating that the job follows state and government regulations.

3. Find Out What Customers Say

Having the right licences is one thing; getting actual customer feedback is another. Check customer reviews of the electrician you’re thinking of hiring.

Ask for feedback from previous customers or take advantage of the internet. Most of the time, electricians and their companies have their own social media pages. You can also use Facebook, True Local, WOMO, or Google.

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