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For many years Coastal Electrics have provided quality electrical services to Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mining clients throughout WA. Our professional & reliable service has helped us to build long term sustainable relationships with our clients.

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At Coastal Electrics, we differentiate ourselves by ensuring that we deliver a completely authentic service to all our clients. Through providing total commitment to safety, quality, reliability and trust we are able to make sure that our clients receive cost effective and on point solutions.

With Coastal Electrics no job is too small or too large with a qualified workforce, fleet of specialist vehicles and modern equipment we can cater to all your electrical requirements and utilise our extensive experience to deliver a tailored service to suit our client’s needs.







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How Often Should an RCD be Tested?

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are crucial to your safety at home or the office. RCDs monitor electric current and how it flows to prevent damage to property or, in the worst cases, to you. Once an RCD detects a surge or an imbalance in electrical current, it immediately cuts off...

Types of Data Cable

What is Data Cable?  A data cable transmits information in the form of binary electrical communication signals between systems. This binary data consists of a sequence of ones and zeros as electrical signals.  The type of data cable you need depends on the environment. For example, ethernet cables like cat5e...

Why Does My Safety Switch Keep Tripping?

Why Does My Safety Switch Keep Tripping? What Is A Safety Switch? A safety switch (RCD) breaks the electrical circuit if the system in the home becomes unsafe and there is a potential for an electrical shock. It is a mechanism to protect the person using appliances (like kettles), power...