Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection

Purchasing a home is every woman and man's dream. But it's also a heavy investment that requires proper research. This ensures that one buys a home that is both safe and functional.

That said, one of the vitals in looking for the perfect home is a pre-purchase electrical inspection on the property. This helps to ascertain that the house is safe to live in and free from electrical malfunctions.

3 Reasons Why Do You Need a Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection

1. Safety

Buying a house whose electrical system is faulty or worn out can be hazardous. This is because any electrical malfunction can result in a fire causing loss of life or property. That said, it is important to have the property inspected by a certified electrician before purchasing it.

2. Saves Money

The cost of repairing or replacing a whole electrical system can be quite high. Unfortunately, many people incur these costs after buying a house whose electrical system is faulty. So, it is fundamental to conduct a pre-purchase electrical inspection to avoid such unnecessary costs.

3. Ensures Efficient Use of Power

After saving for years to buy their dream home, no one wants to spend a fortune on electric bills. Unfortunately, a faulty electrical system leads to energy wastage. As a result, bills end up skyrocketing which can be quite stressful. Fortunately, carrying out a pre-purchase electrical.

When is a Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection Needed?

When Buying an Old House

Sometimes, the only affordable homes in the market might be the old ones. Before rushing to take advantage of these low-priced homes, it is important to do a pre-purchase electrical inspection. This is because most old homes have worn-out or obsolete systems.

When Buying a House after a Storm

Houses in stormy areas are prone to electrical system malfunctions. This is because storms often compromise the quality and functionality of any electrical system. That said, conduct an electrical inspection before buying such a house.

Before Committing To Buy any Property

Whether the house you bought is old or new, it is always important to conduct an electrical inspection. Sometimes, even new houses have faulty systems especially when installation is done by an amateur. That said, always hire a professional to inspect before signing any checks.

What's Included In Our Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection?

Apart from checking the general condition of the wiring system, our services include the following specifics:

  • Checking to see if the electrical switchboard needs to be replaced.
  • Testing of smoke alarms.
  • Identifying any potential electrical dangers.
  • Looking for old wiring.
  • Power outlets and illumination Testing.
  • Checking for any evidence of do-it-yourself wiring
  • Location of any exposed cables.
  • Testing of safety switches

Why Choose Coastal Electrics?

Electric Inspection is something that should only be done by qualified professionals. Luckily, Coastal Electrics has years of experience in the electrical field. We guarantee high-quality services at very affordable prices. More importantly, we make sure that the home you choose to buy is energy efficient.

Got Questions? Contact Us.

Are you looking for a trustworthy electrical company to inspect your property? Look no further than Coastal Electrics. Call us today for any inquiries, or book an inspection and get the best services at the best prices!

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