Types of Data Cable

What is Data Cable? 

A data cable transmits information in the form of binary electrical communication signals between systems. This binary data consists of a sequence of ones and zeros as electrical signals. 

The type of data cable you need depends on the environment. For example, ethernet cables like cat5e and cat6 cables transfer information between computers in a network. USB and coaxial cables connect peripheral devices like cameras and printers. 

All data cables fall into three main types, namely, twisted pair, coaxial cable, and optic fiber cable. These cable types carry signals at different frequencies, and they have unique applications. 

The Types of Data Cable 

Twisted Pair 

Twisted pair data cables consist of two copper core wires. One wire is a signal carrier, and the other is a ground reference. 

These wires are twisted throughout the cable, hence the name, and the twists protect the communication signals from degradation. There tends to be signal degradation if the twisted pair cable is longer than 300 feet. 

Coaxial Cable 

Coaxial cables carry signals at higher frequencies than twisted pairs. This type of data cable consists of a central core conductor in an insulator. An outer conductor of metal foil covers the core wire and protects the data communication signal. Digital telephone networks and television communication data use this type of cable. 

Fiber Optic

This type of cable transmits data in the form of light via a light channel. The light channel has two parts, namely, core and cladding. Fiber optic is the preferred data cable for fast Internet connections, as it is not as susceptible to signal degradation as the other types. 

The cord of optic fiber cables is fragile, and they require a unique plug and network cards to transmit their signals. 

Data Cable in Your Home 

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