What Is a Power Surge and How to Avoid It?

The spike in voltage can cause industrial power surges. Industrial power surges can cause significant damage to your industrial equipment. 

It is, therefore, essential to use industrial surge protecting components to protect your industrial equipment against transients or current spikes. 

What is a Power Surge?

  • An industrial power surge happens when there is a massive increase in the current of your electrical system. If there is a disruption in the power flow, a power surge can occur.
  • Large industrial power surges can cause damages to your industrial equipment since the voltage may exceed the power input threshold of your industrial equipment. 
  • Small industrial power surges, however, can create faults in your industrial wiring. Therefore, they can increase the risk of electrical fires and electrocution. 

How to Avoid Industrial Power Surges?

Get an Independent Power Source 

  • Turning on and off large appliances, such as industrial conditioners and refrigerators, can cause power surges since they can disrupt the power flow. This is because these appliances usually have a large start-up power draw. 
  • You can get an independent power source for these appliances. Do not plug your large appliances into your power board since they can cause power surges. 
  • Move them to an independent power source to prevent power surges. 

Do Not Overload Your Power Board

You can use surge protectors to protect your power boards. Surge protectors can, however, fail if you overload your power board. If your surge protectors fail, they can cause a power surge. Therefore, do not overload your power board. If you can avoid overloading your power board, you can reduce the risk of power surges. 

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Unplug Your Commercial Appliances 

  • Commercial appliances can cause power surges. They are more likely to cause minor power surges. The minor power surges can degrade the internal circuitry of your appliances since they can damage electrical circuits. 
  • The minor power surges can, therefore, shorten the life of your commercial appliances. 
  • If you are not using your commercial appliances, unplug them. Unplugging them can protect your other commercial appliances from minor power surges. 

Install Safety Measures 

Install safety measures and maintain your switchboard to reduce the risks of electric shock and electrical fires. Installing safety switches and surge protectors can keep your employees as safe as possible. 

It is, however, difficult to know the safety measures to install. It is, therefore, necessary to contact an industrial electrician to help you install the safety measures. 

How Can Our Industrial Electricians Help You and Your Business? 

Industrial electricians can protect you and your employees from electrical shock and electrical fires. If you are, therefore, looking for an industrial electrician in Perth, Western Australia, contact Coastal Electricals for expert advice on industrial power surge protection.

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