Who Can Issue an Electrical Compliance Certificate?

It is risky to work with electricity. It is almost impossible for an untrained and inexperienced person to comply with stringent safety standards in Australia. That is why an electrical compliance certificate is needed. Instead of working with electricity in your home, you should call a licenced electrician.

Who Can Issue an Electrical Compliance Certificate?

Registered electrical contractors can issue electrical compliance certificates in Australia. Once your electrical contractor completes your electrical job, they issue you the safety certificate. Therefore, you will know if the electrical contractor is a professional. So, it helps you avoid hiring untrained electricians. 

What If You Don’t Have an Electrical Compliance Certificate for Your Recent Work?

  • Ask your electrical contractor for the certificate before they begin the work. If the electrical contractor does not have an electrical compliance certificate, do not hire them. In fact, the contractor can offer to reduce the cost of doing the job. Do not let them do the job. It is not worth it. 
  • If you do not have an electrical compliance certificate for your recent work, you can get the certificate from your electrical contractor. You will just call the contractor to ask for the certificate. The contractor may have forgotten to give you the certification. 
  • However, if your electrical contractor does not give you the certificate, you can look for a licenced electrical contractor to inspect the work and give you an electrical compliance certificate. Having an electrical compliance certificate can give you peace of mind and keep you away from some hefty fines. 

Contact Coastal Electrics if you need more info or an electrical compliance certificate:

It is safer and cheaper to hire licenced electrical contractors to work on electrical jobs in your home. If you need an electrical compliance certificate, you must hire licenced electricians. Hiring licenced electricians gives you peace of mind since they improve safety in your home. 

If you are in Perth, Western Australia and you are looking for a licenced electrician to inspect a property before you purchase it, look no further. Coastal Electrics can help you inspect the property to ensure it complies with the stringent safety standards in Australia.