Why DIY Electrics Is Not A Good Idea

When it comes to electrical repair work, the laws in Australia are very strict. Any DIY electrical work can expose you to thousands of dollars in fines if anything should go wrong. In Queensland, for example, an unlicensed person can be liable for a 6-figure fine and a three-year jail sentence if a malfunction in any DIY electrical work causes injury or death to someone.

What Constitutes DIY Electric Work?

Licensed electricians in Australia are responsible for any electrical work that involves wiring or that starts at the point of supply. The following are just some of the many jobs you are not allowed to do on your own :

  • Replacing old electrical outlets
  • Installing new electrical outlets
  • Replacing light switches
  • Repairing electric appliances such as air conditioners, fridges, or washing machines
  • Replacing a ceiling fan light

Some of the electrical jobs a homeowner is allowed to do include changing light bulbs, installing garden lighting, installing a smoke detector.

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Why Should You Avoid DIY Electrical Jobs

Electrical work can be very dangerous and even the simplest jobs can be messed up by someone without any experience in electrical work. Here are some of the most important reasons why DIY electrical work should not be attempted:

1. Electrical fires

Electrical fires can be started by an improperly installed outlet or faulty wiring. Even the simplest mistake like inserting a high wattage bulb into a light fixture that cannot handle a high wattage and can cause an electrical fire. Once an electrical fire has started it tends to spread very quickly and can be incredibly difficult to extinguish. An uncontrolled electrical fire can cause the destruction of property in a short period of time.

2. Electrical Shocks

The voltage contained in residential electrical wiring can cause serious electrical shocks, leading to side effects like seizures, breathing difficulties, and cardiac arrest that can be fatal.

3. Electrical Work is Very Complex

Electricians require years of extensive training and apprenticeship work to qualify as registered electricians. Domestic electrical systems are highly complex and cannot be worked on with safety by an unlicensed and untrained individual. All the electrical systems in a house are connected and the entire system will be compromised if just one aspect is worked on incorrectly. Any electrical work should best be left to a professional domestic electrician.

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Contact one of our highly qualified and experienced electricians at Coastal Electrics in Perth, Western Australia before attempting to do any DIY electrical jobs around your home. Don’t take a chance on your safety or the safety of anyone in your home. Let us give you a no-obligation consultation and quote to sort out any electrical issues you may be having.